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by Simility

Simility's combined 27 years of fighting financial fraud at Google taught them two things: 1) Combine the power of algorithms to recognize similar and dissimilar signals with the ability for humans to create meaning out of them. 2) Give front-line fraud fighters tools that empower them to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use without needing to write code. Simility analyzes millions of transactions per day and is backed by top tier investors Accel and Trinity Ventures. Learn more about Simility.

by Riskified

Riskified improves global eCommerce for the worlds largest brands. Inaccurate eCommerce fraud prevention costs businesses billions in chargebacks, overhead and unnecessarily declined orders. Riskified uses powerful machine-learning algorithms to instantly recognize good customers and weed out bad with a 100% chargeback guarantee. Merchants can safely approve more orders, expand internationally and eliminate the costs of fraud while providing a frictionless customer experience. Learn more about Riskified

by The MathWorks

A programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. Learn more about MATLAB

by Bolt Financial
Single, intelligent platform that replaces fragmented checkout, payment, and fraud software. Seamless checkout, zero fraud. Learn more about Bolt

Insights On Demand
by Oversight Systems

Oversight links disparate financial systems, inspects every transaction and presents results with quantified risks. Learn more about Insights On Demand

by Signifyd

Signifyd is the worlds largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection for Ecommerce with 100 percent financial guarantee.

FraudLabs Pro
by FraudLabs Pro
Screens credit card transactions for online frauds to reduce chargeback.

by MemberCheck

Cost effective Sanctions and PEP screening solution to assist reporting entities in their AML compliance.

by Phishme
Offers phishing threat management functionality including phishing scenarios simulation, threat detection, and analysis.

by NICE Actimize
Delivers real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, enterprise-wide fraud management program.

Fraud Prevention & Proxy Detection
by IPQualityScore

Prevents fraud and abusive users by detecting proxies and VPN connections in addition to using device fingerprinting techniques.

‪ Guardian
by ‪
Automate manual reviews with our custom order analyzer and ping our database to prevent from shipping to known fraudsters.

PPC Protect
by PPC Protect

A fraud detection solution to protect AdWords fraud with auto IP blocking, detection rules, multiple user functionality, and more.

Sift Science
by Sift Science

Enables businesses to avoid and prevent online fraud using powerful real-time machine learning technology.

by TransUnion
Fraud and identity management solution for industries. Learn more about TLOxp.

SAS Financial Management
by SAS Institute
Helps you report, manage and improve the financial performance of your entire organization.

Kount Complete
by Kount
SaaS solution for fraud management that reduces the number of fraudulent transactions, eliminates chargebacks, and offers geolocation. Learn more about Kount Complete

by Information Active
ActiveData for Excel delivers powerful data analytics to the familiar Microsoft Excel environment.

Watchful Eye
by Watchful Eye
Protects businesses from errors & fraud by continually monitoring your MYOB or Xero data returning high risk results to investigate. Learn more about Watchful Eye.

Patriot Officer
by GlobalVision Systems

Solution for financial institutions, integrating Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing, and Anti-Fraud capabilities.
by Agena

AgenaRisk uses the latest developments from the field of Bayesian AI and probabilistic reasoning to model complex, risky problems.

AP Forensics Enterprise Suite
by FISCAL Technologies

Accounts payable audit software that protects against duplicate payments, fraud, invoicing errors, and compliance issues.

by Detelix Software Technologies

Fraud protection solution with innovative technology and powerful algorithms design to detect internal and external fraud in real time.

by FinSoft
Software to examine loan trends, detect possible fraud attempts, and consistently audit borrower and lender data.

by International Financial Systems

A "customer centric" core banking software solution that runs the front, middle and back office of the bank.

by BioCatch
Develops behavioral biometric profiles of online users to recognize a wide range of human and non-human cybersecurity threats.
Clari5 EFM
by CustomerXPs Software

A real-time, intelligent product empowering banks with instant insights enabling influenced outcomes of fraud free transactions. Learn more about Clari5 EFM.

by Thomson Reuters
Provides a fraud investigation records search experience that brings proprietary and public records into one environment.

by GDS Link
Advanced Risk Management software for the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing and transportation industries.

by NetMap Analytics
Cloud based fraud detection solution for the retail industry.

by Predictive
Review Form ADVs in under 60 Seconds using AI with DisclosureTrack.

Effcon (Effective-Control)
by Effcon
Effcon (effective control) is a unique automated system for Internal Control and Fraud Prevention Engagements.

by Bennett Technologies
Anti Fraud Solution for Ecommerce, Banking, financial & CRM applications.

Falcon Fraud Manager
FICO Falcon Fraud Manager provides deep insight into fraud trends and activity, available on-premises or in the cloud.

FirstStrike Fraud Detection
by APEX Analytix
Automated analytics that provide prioritized risk scores on all of your vendors.

by Shift Technology
A decision-making platform designed for insurance fraud handlers to augment their capacity to detect fraudulent behaviours.

Fraud Analyst
by Digital Resolve
A real-time behavioral monitoring, analytics and adaptive access control platform

Fraud and Compliance
Real-time monitoring, detection, and analysis suite. Learn more about Fraud and Compliance.

Fraud Barrier
by Scorto
A fraud detection software that implements fraud scoring models based on advanced data mining techniques to calculate proximity. Learn more about Fraud Barrier.

Fraud Risk Manager
by Fiserv
Fiserv simplifies fraud prevention with this intelligent and easy-to-use financial crime management and compliance solution. Learn more about Fraud Risk Manager


by Interthinx
An electronic loan-level fraud mdetection solution for lenders and investors. Learn more about FraudGUARD


by NetGuardians
Continuous and real-time fraud mitigation across all banking channels, IT layers, and financial transactions. Learn more about FraudGuardian.

Fraud detection and risk mitigation for P&C insurance companies. Fixed-price projects go live within 6 months & ROI within 12 months.

Global Fraud Prevention & Email Risk Scoring

by Emailage
Global Fraud Prevention & Email Risk Scoring Learn more about Global Fraud Prevention & Email Risk Scoring

by Trulioo
Online identity & business verification service that helps organizations meet AML/KYC requirements and reduce fraud.

by Asseco Group
Monitors and prevents transactional fraud and internal misuse, operational faults and transactions that are contrary to the legislation Learn more about InAct.

by Accertify
Financial fraud detection software that can detect online scams, online credit card fraud, and fraud related to returned merchandise.

by Brighterion
Cross-channel fraud detection and prevention solution with strong behavioral analytics and automatic model creation. Learn more about iPrevent.

LogRhythm Log Management
by LogRhythm
With Elasticsearch precision and our big data analytics platform, LogRhythm can help you identify useful insights in mountains of data. Learn more about LogRhythm Log Management

by MaxMind
Cost-effective tools to prevent online fraud and abuse, cut chargebacks, score online transactions, and reduce false positives. Learn more about minFraud.

by BAE Systems
NetReveal is a risk, fraud and compliance solution suite for financial services and government clients across the globe. Learn more about NetReveal.

Oracle Bharosa
by Oracle
Leading provider of fraud prevention and strong authentication solutions - i.d. management, risk-analysis, and fraud prevention. Learn more about Oracle Bharosa.

PatternSpy For Banking
by PatternSpy Technologies
Multi-channel, enterprise class, fraud detection tool that uses customized predictive modeling and rules. Learn more about PatternSpy For Banking.

by PotentiaN
Fraud detection software using advanced mathematics. Learn more about Pointer.

preCharge Fraud Screening
by preCharge Risk Management
With preCharge in place, you get in-depth fraud scoring and customer verification in seconds. Proven to increase approved orders. Learn more about preCharge Fraud Screening.

by Precognitive
Combines device intelligence, behavioral analytics, and real-time decisions to stop fraud before it starts. Learn more about Precognitive.

Ravelin Enterprise
by Ravelin Technology
A fraud detection solution with machine learning, graph network visualization, access to a global fraud network, and more. Learn more about Ravelin Enterprise.

Reputation Manager 360
by Iovation
Software to reduce cyber fraud through strict device identification measures and risk report generation. Learn more about Reputation Manager 360.

by The ai Corporation
Real-time and near real-time self-service rules engine for the detection and prevention of fraud. Learn more about RiskNet

SAFE Advanced Solutions
by Safe Banking Systems
AML and compliance solution that improves entity resolution and reduces false positives for more effective enterprise risk management. Learn more about SAFE Advanced Solutions.

by Profinit
Visual information analytics product that helps discover links and money flow between subjects of financial or criminal investigation. Learn more about SVAT.

ThreatMark FDS
by ThreatMark
Cyber threat and fraud detection solution based on deep behavioral profiling and machine learning. Learn more about ThreatMark FDS

by ThreatMetrix
Global online fraud prevention solution that stops internal fraud and enables web businesses most at risk. Learn more about ThreatMetrix.

by WizSoft
Data auditing software (based on data-mining technology) to reveal patterns and identify the attributes associated with anomalies. Learn more about WizRule

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